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Paul Luciano – Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch

I have worked with David a number of times since 1997. My experience with him has been outstanding each and every time. During a purchase or sale transaction, I always have gotten the feeling that he is a step ahead of everyone during every phase of the transaction. He is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and maintains a genuine sense of empathy for the emotional aspect of the transaction. He knows everyone in the industry and he and his staff simply get things done. Pre and post transaction. As I tell all of my friends and colleagues – David is the best in the business….. – Paul Luciano – Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Jim Stafford – Partner, Restoration Timber

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David Bellings through 2 large transactions. After carefully listening to our input, he executed both deals seamlessly, working all issues to the satisfaction of all parties, while also representing our best interests. Without a doubt in my mind, David provides the type of service and experience that everyone should emulate. -Jim Stafford – Partner, Restoration Timber

Sonya Franklin – Seller

You have been very helpful and understanding of all the trials of converting to a condo, which I’ve appreciated. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and your expertise in real estate is evident. You stand out among those in your profession. We’ve told {our neighbor} that he’d be in good hands using you to sell his unit. – Sonya Franklin – Seller